FAQ's & Policies

What happens if my items is damaged in transit?

 Glitterzing put the utmost care to pack our orders so that they arrive undamaged and we do have an amazing track record. However on very rare occasions items can get damaged in transit that are beyond our control. If this happens it is important you take images of the product product and packaging as well as taking the package how it was received to your local post office. This is so that you can lodge a claim through Auspost. Please also email the images of the product and packaging to us within 24 hours of receiving for review. 

Does glitter come off our products when touched?

Our Products are double sealed and finished with an acrylic sealer. This sealing process makes our products smooth and long lasting with minimum glitter transfer. However they are still delicate and are not waterproof although they can resist small splashed of water. Please avoid alcohol coming into contact with the surface as this can melt the sealant. 

How do I care for my Glitterzing products?

To ensure the best quality and a long lasting product all our products need as much drying time as possible when receiving our products we suggest leaving them out of packaging to dry as long as possible and to avoid touching the glitter and DO NOT get wet for at least 14 days. (including glassware decals / vinyl)

Can all Alcohol bottles be customised?

We do expect all alcohol bottle orders however Unfortunately, some alcohol bottles are very delicate therefore to avoid damage to the label some bottles cannot be double sealed. These bottles mainly include bottles such as: all Wines, Moscato & Canadian Club plus more! This mainly applies for labels with gold foil causing it to run or dis colour. The glitter finish will still be sealed well meaning when it is touched no glitter will fall off. A double seal can be requested at your own risk.

Is the cost of the Alcohol included?

No, Glitterzing does not supply the alcohol bottles for our orders. When purchasing a bottle this only covers the service fee. The alcohol is ordered through our click & collect service or can also be delivered to us by the customer.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes, if you wish for refund after ordering due to changing mind you are entitled to a refund however there will be a small fee of $5 to cover any transaction fees. If your custom order has began crafting you can NOT get a refund due to customisation.